• Cooling system maintenance
  • Cooling device maintenance: You are welcome to have our company carry out the recurring maintenance work for your cooling devices and / or cooling systems (including to maintain warranties and guarantees).
  • Air conditioning system maintenance: We would be happy to commission your air conditioning system (s) in the spring or offer the recommended cleaning of the filters and drains as a service.
  • Refrigerated furniture service: Our service is available to you for office or service work on your plug-in refrigerated cabinets, composite systems, cold rooms and deep-freeze rooms. If you should inquire about service work outside of normal working hours, then we ask for your written contact.
  • §22 Review
  • Leakage test EN 517: We are happy to carry out the annual leak test and issue of test books.

Refrigerant exchange: There are no longer available in your cooling systems
or prohibited refrigerants? To preserve your old cooling system, we can check the possibility of a refrigerant exchange, dispose of the old refrigerant, replace various valve seals and refrigerating machine oil and dispose of the old fillers properly.

Refrigerator accessories: We carry spare parts for old and new models of your refrigerators from the brands Bonnet Neve, Costan, Daikin, DeRigo Refrigeration. Eurocryor, Friulinox, Pastorfrigor, Pastor Cold, Technobanc. If the desired spare part is not in stock, we will be happy to try to get it for you as soon as possible. We can send you the spare part or install it if you wish.

24/7/365 emergency number: We have been offering a 24-hour on-call service very successfully for several years, which more and more of our customers are happy to accept. If you are interested in this service, please contact us by phone or in writing to office @ kuehlundladen by email. We will be happy to inform you about the possible conditions for your installation.