• Cooling systems: The cooling systems created by us are designed according to your requirements and according to the latest state of the art and calculated as energy-efficiently as possible and suitable components are selected.
  • Cold rooms: As cold and deep-freeze cells we install products from BRUCHA, MISA and industrial panels KINGSPAN
  • Refrigerated furniture composite systems
  • Refrigerated cabinets ready to plug in: Depending on requirements, we offer you standard products from all European manufacturers or, depending on your wishes, can have them made to measure and intended purpose.
  • Air conditioning systems: In addition to DAIKIN products, we also sell and assemble products from all well-known manufacturers and, depending on your requirements, we can install and install all devices, from single-split installation to multi-split solutions, carry out the annual maintenance and carry out the required service work.
  • Energy saving systems
  • Used cooling devices: You are also welcome to purchase used cooling devices, trade fair and showroom furniture from us and are pleased about your interest.