This year we can look back on 50 years of company history.


  • Group of companies: The parent company of the group of companies is the company Kühl- und Ladeneinrichtung Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
    G.Steindl Ges.m.H. is a 100% subsidiary. The 100% subsidiary company Linea s.r.l. is located in Prague.
  • Mr. Christian Bayer Managing Director, Mr. Robert Blühberger Sales Director, Mr. Gerhard Gföhler Service Manager, Mr. Ing. Karl Zezhulka Head of Technical Departments.
  • Locations: Austria:
    1230 Vienna, Carlbergergasse 35, partner companies in Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Czech Republic: Linea s.r.l / Prague
    Poland: Linea s.p.z.o.o./Krakau.
  • Partner: Fa. Brucha, Fa.Epta, Fa. Friulinox, Fa. Pastorfrigor, Fa. Pastorkalt, Fa. Reiss, Fa. Schiessl

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